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At Swansea Bay University Health Board, we firmly believe that developing our healthcare support worker staff is key to both our success and future. Our aim is to support and develop our healthcare support worker (HCSW) workforce in line with the requirements of the All Wales Skills and Career framework for healthcare support workers supporting nursing and the allied health professionals.

The adoption of the All Wales framework has helped deliver many benefits to new and existing staff by allowing us to develop those staff in their current roles and support them to develop to a higher banded role by offering realistic development pathways that provide clear and genuine development opportunities for our workforce. To enable us to do this we work closely with our local education providers, which enables our HCSWs to undertake new and existing qualifications funded through the apprenticeship frameworks supported by Welsh Government.

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Healthcare Support Workers at Swansea Bay UHB

There is a multitude of career opportunities available to our healthcare support workers via the apprenticeship route and via our Gateway programme, making these posts the first step on your pathway to a career in health as an HCSW. They are supported by our award-winning Apprenticeship Academy. We also have a dedicated HCSW Development Team that enables us to provide advice, support and guidance to both HCSWs and their managers to enable staff to progress and gain the relevant qualifications they need to enhance their development and progression to band 3 or band 4 assistant practitioner roles, or to becoming a registered professional. As a health board it is our intention to develop our own staff to enable us to meet our future workforce requirements.

Career pathway opportunities

HCSW All Wales Clinical Induction

At Swansea Bay UHB all new HCSWs and Allied Health Professionals have to attend the five-day Clinical Induction. The aim of the induction is to equip you with key knowledge and skills to prepare you for your role as a Support Worker in our organisation. The induction is mandatory for all support workers across Wales part of which is to complete a workbook.  The workbook provides evidence of achievement of the Agored Cymru units and  on completion you will receive a certificate. Completion of the induction and the workbook is the start of your development and career pathway within the Health Board.

At Swansea Bay UHB, we offer many learning opportunities for our HCSW workforce. We work closely with our Apprenticeship Academy and work closely with our local FE Colleges and Universities to offer courses and qualifications to support your future development and career progression.

BSc Part Time Nursing Degree

We are able to support our staff in partnership with our Higher Education Institutes and funded by Health Education Information Wales to progress onto the part time nursing degree either on the 4-year programme or a reduced 2 year and 9-month programme dependent upon your current qualifications. This will allow you to progress onto your chosen career within the four fields of nursing.  This means you can continue to work in your current role whilst remaining employed and be paid to undertake your nursing degree.

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Why choose Swansea Bay UHB for HCSW?

HCSW Opportunities

We offer opportunities in our wide-ranging acute healthcare services to work within a dynamic and exciting multidisciplinary environment available to staff across the Health Board adult medicine and surgery, theatres, Emergency Department, Radiology, Child, mental health, learning disabilities, stroke wards, cancer care, Cardiology, Outpatients, Maternity, Ophthalmology and Endoscopy to name just a few areas where HCSWs are valued members of the team.  There are development opportunities for staff in band 2 and 3 roles and for future development to the band 4 Assistant Practitioner Roles through to becoming part of our registered workforce. Within all these areas there is currently a drive to develop career pathways to meet the needs of our future workforce. There are opportunities for staff to undertake qualifications to enable them to progress with more qualifications under development as new roles are needed.

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