Community nurse opportunities

The children’s community nursing team has the privilege of working with many children, young people and their families in a variety of situations and settings. We always endeavour to provide the required care and support in an environment in which they can thrive and develop, ensuring that each one reaches their maximum potential, whatever that may be.

We work with many fragile and vulnerable children with chronic or complex health needs, often at critical times in their lives. We also see children for short courses of treatment and care, such as post-operative care or short-term monitoring. However long our relationship is with the child or young person, their family or other carers, we always provide a service which is flexible, accommodating and nurturing.

Career development opportunities include:

  • Wales Paediatric Journey of Excellence
  • Champion roles, e.g. staff wellbeing, wound care, learning disability
  • Specialist link roles, e.g. respiratory, continence, oncology, neonatal
  • Leadership, management, research, education, and training roles
  • Post-graduate study
  • Palliative care
  • Nurse assessor
  • LAC nursing
  • Health visiting

The Children’s Community Nursing Team is growing and evolving, and new roles are being introduced. We have recently developed a Band 4 role – Senior Children’s Health Care Support Worker. This will involve more detailed training and delegation of more complex tasks by the Children’s Community Nursing Team and a higher level of knowledge and responsibility for the Senior Healthcare Support Worker.

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